Is Kellie Pickler’s ‘Feeling Tonight’ The Song Of The Summer?

Kellie Pickler's brand new “Feeling Tonight” is like starting the car and the radio's on gentle, maybe an ancient Britney Spears song is meowing on the radio low. Then you roll the windows down, and you're doing 35 in a 25. Then you're on the highway. Then the top's down. Then your unruly hair grows bigger because now you're in a helicopter flying over your hometown.

The build on this feel-good country hit-in-the-making is its magic, with the former “American Idol” contestant even finding her own quiet-to-loud groove within the strains.

There's a big debate going on in country music right now over the male-to-female ratio of what's being played on the dial, but no doubt: this song will scratch the itch of any modern country fan.