‘Sons of Anarchy’ Final Season trailer: Chaos rules as Jax goes on the warpath

(CBR) WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent season of “Sons of Anarchy” are ahead.

The future is looking bleak for Jax Teller, president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

With the final season looming, FX has debuted a new look at the last days of “Sons of Anarchy” in an IMDb-exclusive trailer, all about how Jax and the members of SAMCRO are reacting to the lethal events of the show”s most recent season.

For Jax, it”s all about violence and vengeance, as he reels from the horrific murder of his wife Tara Knowles. Little does he know that it was his own mother, Gemma, who did the deed – a secret she shares with only one person: Juice, the SAMCRO rat currently on the run from the club.

Those threads, and others, will come to a head when “Sons of Anarchy” hits the road for one final ride, beginning Sept. 9 with a 90-minute premiere.