Soundgarden confirms its Lollapalooza appearance for Aug. 8

04.05.10 9 years ago

 Soundgarden is the first band confirmed for Lollapalooza. The band sent out an email blast to its fans Monday afternoon confirming its participation at the Aug. 6-8 Chicago festival. Soundgarden will take the stage at Grant Park on Aug. 8.

 The Seattle band may have jumped the gun a little bit since Lollapalooza has yet to officially confirm any performers, despite the rampant rumors that Green Day and Lady GaGa are among the other headliners.
As we reported earlier, visitors to the Lollapalooza site are greeted with blank spaces for all the acts playing with a letter occasionally filled in, like Wheel of Fortune or Hangman. For example, any artist with the letter S, R, O or I in its name already has those letters turned over. The letters certainly fit for Green Day. There are no letters turned over yet for the third name, which lends credence to those rumors about Lady GaGa. The S got turned over today, leaving Soundgarden clearly confident enough to spill the not-very-well-kept beans. Depending upon your patience and love of games, you either find this type of reveal fun or damn irritating.
As we guessed several days ago, likely acts include Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear and The Strokes all look like safe bets, as does Mumford & Sons, Spoon and possible M.I.A. More will be revealed, day by day.

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