Spider-Man, Hellboy and 9 other movie superheros better suited for TV

The creative success of “Marvel's Daredevil” hasn't just proven that a superhero series can play to adults and thrive on Netflix.  It's also reinforced the notion that there are some superheroes who are just more suited for the small screen than the big screen.  Granted, one particular hero will have both versions dangerously available for public consumption (we're looking at you Flash), but the line is starting to be drawn about which characters work best and in which medium.  

Some of these heroes are pretty obvious.  Characters such as Jonah Hex, Ghost Rider, The Green Hornet and The Punisher would easily feel richer in an anthology series format.  It's a few of our other suggestions that might rile you up a bit.

Check out these 11 heroes we actually feel are better suited for television in the embedded story gallery below.

Agree? Disagree? Did we leave out an obvious example? Share your thoughts in the comments section.