It Looks Like Tony Stark Spared No Expense On Spider-Man’s ‘Homecoming’ Suit

Spider-Man has had more franchise mulligans than any superhero rightly deserves, but with Sony sharing joint custody of Peter Parker with Marvel Studios, the old razzle-dazzle is back in the webslinger’s eye. Tom Holland’s turn as the youngest Avenger in Captain America: Civil War captured both the youthful snark and enthusiasm that comes with being a superhero not yet beat down by the world. It also solved the pesky problem that plagues Spider-Man adaptations: how does a kid living in Queens create a high-tech super suit? The answer is, he doesn’t. He has playboy philanthropist billionaire Tony Stark bestow it on him.

And now, thanks to a short Instagram clip from Marvel about Spider-Man: Homecoming, fans know a little bit more about the technology inside Parker’s costume.

Let’s break this down. Marvel is keeping with the premise that Spider-Man creates his webbing using science instead of biology, so Tony Stark upgraded Parker’s web shooters with both a laster targeting system and different types of webbing. In the past, his specialized webbing has included bio-electric current to taser enemies, magnetically coated webbing for a mobile EMP, and ice and acid versions (self-explanatory).

The web wings are a callback to Spidey’s original costume design by Steve Ditko, though they now serve the purpose of helping Peter Parker glide instead of being merely ornamental.

A GPS tracking system just seems like a sensible thing to have in this day and age. As to what the “holographic wrist display” is, your guess is as good as mine. But I get the feeling it’ll be used for a pretty great visual gag, so it gets my approval.

And, of course, the expressive eyes of the mask that allow Parker to show emotion without revealing his secret identity. They don’t go into how it works, but probably some kind of neural transmitter science magic. All in all, not bad for a kid from Queens who got bitten by a radioactive spider. Way better than a modified homemade wrestling outfit by a mile.