‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ photos offer fans their best look yet at Tom Holland’s costume

More than any other superhero (except maybe the Fantastic Four), Spider-Man has had a strange cinematic journey. With two reboots in less than four years, some wondered if audiences would suffer from Peter Parker fatigue. How many times could Uncle Ben possibly die before fans just stopped showing up? Then Marvel added the latest Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to Captain America: Civil War, and suddenly everything clicked into place. THIS was the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man from the comics. A poor kid from Queens caught between saving the world and World History homework, his suit funded by a billionaire to explain its high-tech nature.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Introducing Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was only step one. As part of the custody agreement with Sony, Peter has to spend weekends and holidays his solo films with them. Thus Spider-Man: Homecoming was born. Very little is known about Holland”s first solo outing in the Spider-suit. Homecoming could mean Parker is going home to Queens. It could be a literal high school homecoming. Or it could be all the Spider-Men and Spider-Woman from the multiverse converging on the shared Sony/MCU.

We now also know Spider-Man will get to keep the suit bequeathed to him by Tony Stark. Eagle-eyed photographers on the set of Homecoming caught a look, and the costume should look very familiar.

Ironically, this is the best still image fans have gotten yet of Marvel”s take on Spider-Man”s costume. The most notable difference from previous iterations has to be the lack of “webbing” on the blue part of the suit. Instead, there clean black lines in geometric shapes. Considering this suit is Stark tech, I”d bet my hat those lines are embedded with wiring or dampeners or some other sci-fi accruements to assist Spider-Man in his crime-fighting.

My favorite part of Holland”s Spider-Man costume by far has to be the back. Using artist John Romita Sr.”s design from the 1960s THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN run, Homecoming inverts the well-known (to movie-going audiences) color scheme, swapping a thin spider logo for a thick one. It”s a small difference, but one that shows homage and respect to the source material. They even got the number of legs right!

As to what Spider-Man is up to in the photos? Between the sewer pipe and the backpack, I”d say Peter is either stashing his costume on the way to school, or something came up during his commute to keep him from getting to/from class. Regardless, it”ll never not be amusing to watch a superhero traipsing through the city with a canvas backpack on!

Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theater on July 7, 2017.