The Orchestral Version Of The ‘Spider-Man’ Theme Could Help The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Music Woes

A video posted by Every Frame A Painting back in September asked what was missing from the music in Marvel movies. Despite their success at the box office, Marvel Studios hasn’t featured any truly memorable themes that live on in your mind after you leave the theater or pop out the BluRay. The use of temp music and the idea of the film score taking a back seat to the visuals seem to be the culprits behind this trend, but that doesn’t mean all is lost.

To close out the video, we’re pointed to the one Marvel song folks do remember from the old Spider-Man television series. It has made a few appearances throughout the character’s many appearances on the big screen but hasn’t been the focal point. Danny Elfman created his own theme for Sam Raimi’s films and Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man films featured a pair from James Horner and Hans Zimmer. Elfman’s is certainly the more memorable of the group but pales to the original 1960s classic.

All of this points to Spider-Man: Homecoming and the clip posted by composer Michael Giacchino. He’s Disney’s go-to guy it seems and did some interesting things with the Rogue One soundtrack to keep it different from the main Star Wars films but still within the same realm. It shows his skill — especially given the short period of time he had to work on some of the pieces — and his attention to detail.

Spider-Man will be his second Marvel film and the orchestral version of the main theme is promising. It’s got the heroic feel of the themes from The Avengers and Captain America — usually the ones you hear during the credits –while also maintaining the tune everybody knows. The only issue is that it might not actually be in the film.

If it isn’t, I guess we’ll always have “Spider-Pig” from The Simpsons Movie.