Early Reactions To ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ Are Calling It A Game Changer

Film/TV Editor
11.28.18 2 Comments


This whole Spider-Man business is clearly getting out of hand with multiple studios and cinematic universes and everyone making a bigger fuss than usual over the unintended effects of radioactivity. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse won’t even arrive until Dec. 14, yet Sony has already announced multiple followups, including an all-female spinoff, all of which happens to be going down after Tom Holland’s improvised, meme-worthy plea to Marvel’s Tony Stark, which fully endeared him to a new generation that was already predisposed to identify with Peter Parker’s plights.

Well, all of this Spider-ruckus might very well be warranted, given that early critic reactions to Sony’s introduction of Miles Morales to Peter Parker (along with several other Spider-People, including Spider-Gwen) are overwhelmingly positive. Rotten Tomatoes is currently displaying a 100% critical consensus (out of 23 reviews) to show that this is one fresh superhero movie. Our own Mike Ryan adored the film, especially how “Sony took a risk on a (yes) somewhat complicated premise and turned it into something unique and funny and daring (and weird).” Mike’s full review obviously goes into greater detail, but he explained Into The Spider-Verse‘s appeal in a simpler manner on Twitter:

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