A Spider-Man Memorial Was Placed Outside Of Disney’s D23 Expo


Few could have suspected that this year’s all-Disney D23 Expo in California would be scheduled mere days after Spider-Man was violently yanked out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The development did not go unmentioned over the weekend. Someone — a fan, presumably — didn’t want so far as to leave a memorial to the now ex-Avenger outside the convention center.

This one was caught by The Daily Dot, who highlighted a tweet showing the commemorative offering. It’s a modest affair — simply a framed picture of Holland’s Peter Parker, plus what was, at least at the time, a small collection of flowers, which has possibly grown since the tweet when live on Friday.

The decision to pull Spidey from the MCU came Tuesday, when Sony claimed they’d pulled their biggest superhero movie asset out of the mega-franchise he joined back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. The two super-corporations had worked out a deal that allowed the third big screen iteration of Parker to hobnob with the ever-swelling number of characters Marvel Entertainment owns. But Sony claims they want to handle him themselves, which will allow him to hang with such Sony content as Venom while orphaning him from all the friends he’d made over the last three years.

The news cast a weird spell over the weekend’s army of presentations and trailer drops — a vibe made even more awkward when Tom Holland swung by to participate in the presentation for Onward, the elf-centric Pixar movie for which he provides a lead voice.

Inevitably, many shared the memorial creator’s grief.

Anyway, it should be even more awkward when Holland’s second solo Spidey movie, a slightly longer cut of Far from Home is released in theaters next weekend.

(Via The Daily Dot)