Spider-Man’s New ‘Stealth Suit’ Was Initially Deemed Too Cool For Peter Parker

Marvel Studios

One of the bright spots of the latest Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer was the first real look at Peter Parker’s new “stealth suit” — an all-black camouflage deal (with goggles that flip!) that helps him out when skulking about or tussling at night. It paired nicely with the globe helmet Jake Gyllenhaal rocks while playing Mysterioso. But as per a new report by ioS, Peter’s new suit was almost too cool for our dorky high school go-getter.

The suit means well. Along with allowing better subterfuge, it rids Spidey of most of his Tony Stark-given talents. That’s another way of saying a lot of the bells and whistles and do-hickeys Stark added to the Spider-Man suits are gone. That’s a good thing.

“It’s not actually capable of much,” star Tom Holland admitted to ioS. “It sort of strips Spider-Man back, and it’s now him relying on his powers. But it is his ability to act as Spider-Man without the world knowing Spider-Man is there.”

Holland may be a fan, but director Jon Watts was kind of not. “We thought [the Stealth Suit] was so cool, but Jon Watts really wanted to find a way to make it less cool,” said executive producer Eric Carroll. “So he gave them these cheesy flip-up goggles, like those ‘80s glasses. [Tom] has to operate them manually, there’s no cool mechanism.”

It took a while for them to find the right balance of cool but not too cool, according to Carroll:

“It’s so funny, because we sent the design off to costumes and props, and of course the first design they sent us was like [Carroll mouths sci-fi laser effect noises] and it was awesome, like an Iron Man helmet. And we’re like, ‘No, that’s the point…dumber! It’s got to look really dumb, when he has to flip that up.’ So, at the eleventh hour, he’s looking down all these imposing characters—Nick Fury and so on—and then [Peter] has to flip this up and talk to him.”

So that’s nice, but there was one perk that Holland prized above all: “I can go to the bathroom [in it],” he said. “which is a huge bonus.”

Spider-Man: Far from Home will his theaters on July 2.

(Via ioS)