‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Needs A Gwen Stacy Spoiler Intervention

Sony, we need to talk. We’re not angry, just concerned…because you seem to be at war with yourself over ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and Gwen Stacy in particular. Oh sure, you say you don’t want to spoil the plot of the film. You’ve even gone so far as to have unauthorized set photos removed in order to not ruin the suspense of Peter and Gwen’s relationship. Totally normal. What’s not normal? Turning around and giving up more delectable spoiler morsels than any super fan with a 500-millimeter lens could hope to get. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the evidence.

WARNING: Potential definitely plot spoilers ahead for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’!!

Emma Stone’s hair is a red flag. (zing!)

Photo Credit: AP

Red hair is not a smoking gun as to Gwen Stacy’s fate. Emma didn’t keep her blonde locks for the duration of 2013 – going back to red between the wrap of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and the beginning of principal photography of the sequel. However! Given the amount of speculation about her character, it might have behooved you to keep her from visually declaring “I’M DONE WITH THIS CHARACTER!” until after the premiere. If only to keep people like me from side-eying the hell out of the implications and taking a closer look at every official image/video/tweet/smoke signal you’ve released.

And oh the things we found with that closer look brought on by ginger hair. You’ve pretty much given any fan with even a passing knowledge of Spider-Man lore all the confirmation they need to bring a box of tissues to the theater. Don’t believe me? EXHIBIT B!

Photo Credit: Total Film

TotalFilm was recently given seven exclusive images from the new film, including this one of Gwen in the midst of steampunk peril. Clearly something is amiss, but such is the life for the girlfriend of a superhero yes? NO. Because in your haste to pay homage to the comic, you assumed no one would be paying attention to the fashion. But we are. That green coat? The black fishnets? Her black knee boots? You might as well have titled the sequel “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Night Gwen Stacy Died.” since she’s wearing literally the exact same outfit. (Though if you have that be the end credits title as a shout-out to the layout of the 1973 comic, well played.)

Photo Credit: Marvel

Even in the trailer you couldn’t help but sneak another spoiler in. Again we get Gwen trapped on the clockwork device of doom only now we’re seeing Spidey trying to save her.

Either this is the perennial fake-out à la ‘cat jumps out of the closet in a horror movie right before the killer does’ or we are actually being subjected to THIS VERY MOMENT.

Photo Credit: Marvel

Sure you tried to deflect the obvious by cutting Mary Jane from the final film. A good plan since it’s in poor taste to set up the protagonist with his next love interest before the current one is even cold in the ground. You’ve downplayed the role the Green Goblin plays in the story, focusing instead on Electro and even tossing Sinister Six chum into the fan waters in the hopes of distracting us.


But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is all one big red herring and forty-one years after the fact, it’s time to let Gwen Stacy live. To diverge from the Comic Universe and show you don’t have to kill off the love interest to create drama. That being in love is not the kiss of death to a plot. That getting married and being happy in his personal life is not the anti-thesis of Peter Parker. HAHAHAHAHAHA…I kid of course. Of course. With great power comes great and never-ending anguish.