Spoilers: ‘Star Wars’ doubles down on crazy lightsaber design in ‘Rebels’ reveal

Have you come to terms with the new lightsaber design in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer yet? If not:

A) Go over here to see why you should learn to stop worrying and embrace the space broadsword.

B) Don”t read any further because you might have an aneurysm.

Okay. So for years, Star Wars creators have been futzing with the basic design of the lightsaber. Giving Darth Maul a double blade, bending Count Dooku”s hilt. But nothing that boring will do in a post-Jedi world. A world without Knights to train Padawans is a world without rules! For what might be the first time in the history of a galaxy far, far away, innovation in the name of the game.

Behold: Young Ezra of “Star Wars Rebels” multi-functional lightsaber, as first discovered by Jedi News.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

That”s right. This image from “Star Wars Insider” show the first weapon that is both a space katana AND a stun gun. Because what if you need to subdue an enemy but not hack them into tiny little cauterized pieces? What if you need a hand guard while you learn not to slice off your own fingers? YOU EVER THINK OF THAT, ANCIENT ORDER OF THE JEDI?

Now, let the theories commence on if the lightsaber blade extends within the hilt but stops just short of breaking through like Kylo Ren”s cross guard or if Star Wars will be introducing a lightsaber impenetrable metal.

Hat tip to Slashfilm.