Stan Lee cooking up top-secret film project with former head of Marvel Studios

(CBR) Stan Lee and Avi Arad announced they”re teaming up, but they”re not telling you anything else.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee and Arad, former head of Marvel Studios, are working on a film project at Columbia Pictures based on an original creation by Lee. But don”t expect any more details yet. “Some titles give away too much,” Arad said.

As Arad pointed out, Lee, who will turn 91 in December, is still on-point when it comes to writing. “At the ripe old age of 90, he can still put together magic,” Arad continued. “He”s as sharp as a Japanese cooking knife. His mind is as young as it used to be.”

The next step in the process will find Arad and his fellow producers meeting with screenwriters to flesh out the story and nail down a script before talking to directors and hiring a cast and crew.