Marvel Legend Stan Lee Was Reunited With His Lost Dog Thanks To NFL Hall Of Famer Jim Brown

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Put down your swords, camera-ready jocks and comic book nerds. We’re all on the same team. If we weren’t, Marvel legend Stan Lee might not have been reunited with his lost dog.

TMZ reports that football legend (and an underrated Fresh Prince guest star) Jim Brown came to the rescue when the comic book legend’s Mini Pomeranian Charlotte went missing. A number of posters went up when Charlotte was lost asking for assistance, but no dog was discovered in the neighborhood.

According to TMZ, Brown and his wife Monique came across the dog in their yard. As the pair took care of Charlotte, they attempted to find out the identity of the dog’s owner. After the microchip in Charlotte’s neck failed to provide results, the Browns hit the streets to see if they could find out from neighbors who might be missing their furry friend. It was on that trek that Jim and Monique discovered the posters asking for Charlotte’s safe return. Instead of holding the dog hostage and demanding access to web cartridges (which is what I’d do), the Browns were able to return Charlotte to Stan and a happy ending was had by all. Plus two of America’s favorite mustaches aligned forces in the name of dog rescue, which is a plus for the nation as a whole. Excelsior!

(Via TMZ)