Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde are living in the darkest timeline in their new comic


Marvel continues to tear itself apart in Secret Wars! Battleworld rages on and the latest casualty is…Disney show tunes?

Okay, Sam Humphries. Now you”ve gone too far.

In STAR-LORD AND KITTY PRYDE #1, the two characters are finally in their own series together. But are the TOGETHER together or just “inhabiting the same physical plane of existence” together? It might all depend on which Kitty Pryde we”re talking about here.

You see, Battleworld took all the multiverses in all the realm and slammed them into each other like a toddler mashing Play-Doh together. So this could be the Kitty Pryde that Peter loves. Or she could be from a completely different reality and think Star-Lord is a creepy weirdo who needs to back off.

But does any of that really matter when the world they”ve fallen into is one without Disney animated musicals!? Truly this is the darkest timeline.

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