Watch: ‘Star Trek’s’ Anton Yelchin sticks with sci-fi for new Broken Bells short film

“Star Trek’s” Anton Yelchin is back in sci-fi territory.

The first part of a new short film promoting indie rockers Broken Bells’ forthcoming studio album “After the Disco” has hit the web, and it sees Yelchin starring as an ordinary young man named Oliver who “wakes up” in a spectral dream world where he encounters and ultimately falls in love with a beautiful female astronaut named Helen (Kate Mara). What follows is a sweet, dialogue-free romance set to the strains of the Bells’ music that becomes complicated by the arrival of a large floating pink globe (not incidentally identical to the object featured on the cover of the band’s 2010 debut) that seems to inhabit both the dream and waking worlds. But what is a dream, and what is reality? Check out the full clip below, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

“After the Disco” is slated for release in January.