‘Star Wars’ Executive Claps Back At Calls For ‘Men-Only’ Screening

Let me start by saying this entire article could just be an audio clip of a long, exhausted sigh. For almost a week now, a certain sub-section of men have been collectively losing their minds because the Alamo Drafthouse is hosting ‘Women-Only’ screenings of Wonder Woman. The regular arguments are out: It’s reverse sexism (not a thing), it’s illegal (no it isn’t), or it’s proof that feminists hate men (just you, Brent). No matter that these men wouldn’t be up in arms if it was a ‘women-only’ screening of a female-coded movie like 50 Shades of Grey or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Women are getting their cooties all over comic book adaptations and that. Will. Not. Stand.

These Ferengi in men’s clothing (honestly, the Venn diagram of men who are mad about this and who refer to women as ‘females’ is a circle) cannot fathom being barred from a space. It grates on them like sand in their britches. They are so uncomfortable when society is not focused with Sauron-like intensity on them that not only are they not taking their ball and going home, but they’re taking all the balls and setting them on fire.

Jack Posobiec wants to take it a step further. If women will have a handful of Wonder Woman screenings out of thousands to themselves, men should by default get an entire week of Star Wars: The Last Jedi without females sullying the theater. Luckily Lucasfilm is not here for this misogynistic fragility. Jennifer Heddle, the executive editor for fiction at Lucasfilm, clapped back so hard that Posobiec will probably be banned from his homeworld of Ferenginar.

Then again, I thought these folks decided to boycott Star Wars? Which is it?