The Return To The Millennium Falcon Was An Emotional One For Mark Hamill On The Set Of ‘The Last Jedi’


It may only be a movie set, but the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon has strong meaning to fans of Star Wars and is an important place and time to the actors and filmmakers who had to pretend-fiddle with the ship’s faulty hyperdrive system in 1977. For Mark Hamill, the Millennium Falcon is where his life changed as a 26-year-old actor, bouncing from job to job, constantly looking for work. Now, in The Last Jedi, 40 years and an immensely successful career later, we’ll not only see Luke Skywalker return to the ship, but Hamill, who told EW that he was rightfully emotional returning to the iconic freighter.

“I’m telling you, I didn’t expect to have the reaction I had. I was there with my family, with [my children] Nathan and Griffin and Chelsea and my wife Marilou, and [Lucasfilm] asked if the documentary crew could be there when I came back on the Millennium Falcon. I mean, this was not on the shooting day. I was just street clothes and going to visit that set. And I said, ‘Sure.’”

“It was sort of like visiting an old house that you lived in when you were a kid. I mean, I just welled up with emotion and I said, ‘I need to be by myself.’”

Harrison Ford’s return o the Falcon was adored by fans and even brought some tears to the eyes of moviegoers when The Force Awakens hit theaters in 2015. It seems like Hamill’s reunion may do the same.

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