Mark Hamill Wanted Han And Luke To Have One Final Moment Together In ‘The Force Awakens’

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04.16.17 4 Comments


Pretty much every fan, viewer, and analyst who set eyes on Star Wars: The Force Awakens had thoughts about each story beat, character development, and Easter Egg hidden away in the movie. As the first Star Wars movie in more than a decade, and the first good one (for most people) in far longer than that, everybody was naturally excited to not only see the movie but see what the characters everyone knew and loved had been up to for the decades since people last saw them.

Unfortunately for Han Solo, what he was “up to” was [SPOILER ALERT!] being murdered by his good-turned-evil son Kylo Ren via a lightsaber right in the gut and a long fall off a rickety catwalk. Chewie, his devoted and constant companion, and new protege Rey watched from a hidden location as the dramatic moment occurred — not being able to do a thing about Han’s tragic death. If it were up to Mark Hamill though, that scene would have played out differently.

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