The ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Blu-Ray Will Have 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes

This post contains light spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so be warned.

Now that The Last Jedi has officially hit (and conquered) theaters, the fan furor is at an all-time high. Whether you want to complain about what you didn’t like, appreciate what you did, or plan your next Porg feast, it’s safe to say that people have Star Wars on the brain. While the film clocked in around two and a half hours (although the first cut was over three hours), The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson told Collider that there will be an additional 20 minutes of deleted scenes for fans to obsess over on the Blu-ray release.

While Johnson made it clear that the final cut is the better film, it sounds like there will be some great new footage, including an extended sequence of Finn and Rose’s time on the lead Star Destroyer.

“There’s a whole extended sequence where Finn and Rose and DJ sneak through the Mega Destroyer when they’re kind of, after they sneak in with DJ and they’re trying to find the tracker. There’s a whole extended sequence. It’s a full sequence of like stuff with them sneaking through this big office area of the Mega Destroyer and then having to fake out these Stormtroopers.”

Seeing Finn having to tap into his time as a First Order grunt would have been a neat moment, but Johnson was probably right to trim the fat. Johnson also explained that there would be more interactions between Luke and Rey on Ahch-To.

And then on the island there’s a massive sequence that we shot with Daisy and Mark, which is kind of an additional sort of trial/test that she goes through, that involves her and Mark, and then a big emotional scene between the two of them. I mean, it’s big stuff, it’s like actual real scenes.

The enigmatic fish nuns also have their time to shine in the deleted scenes, but perhaps the most heartbreaking cut is for fans of the ship StormPilot.

“There’s a couple Finn scenes that—there’s one great Finn/Poe scene that’s kind of a set up scene at the beginning when Poe was kind of bringing Finn up to speed after he comes out of his coma. God, there’s a bunch of really fun stuff.”

Is it too soon to add the Blu-ray to my Amazon Wishlist?

(Via Collider)