‘The Last Jedi’s’ Blu-Ray Will Have 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes, And The Novel Will Include A Funeral

Entertainment Editor

Following in the grand tradition of Star Wars, The Last Jedi came, dominated the box office, and divided fans. Now, it’s continuing another tradition and getting a novelization by longtime Star Wars novelist Jason Fry, and the book will apparently encompass many of the blu-ray’s 20 minutes of deleted scenes when it drops on March 6th.

In the latest Star Wars Show (which is becoming a somewhat must-watch for hardcores), we get a glimpse of director Rian Johnson and writer Fry at Skywalker Ranch as they discuss what will be included.

We can expect to read about some characters that deserved more of a place in the story, and most interestingly, Han Solo’s funeral. “Rian Johnson and I had an amazing conversation,” Fry said. “We got to write entirely new scenes for the book: Han Solo’s funeral, Rose and Paige Tico together, and further explorations of the fascinating world of Canto Bight, to name just a few.”

It seems like Leia doesn’t want to make a speech right after burying Han. Admiral Ackbar is always pressuring her.

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