The First Reactions To ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Have Arrived To Satisfy Even The Most Cynical Fan

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Saturday night was the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Not only did Disney spare no expense for the event, they also filled the red carpet with a parade of famous names and members of the Star Wars family.

The real treat, though, seemed to be the movie itself. The reaction to The Last Jedi should please fans of the franchise. According to those in attendance, Rian Johnson has crafted a film that reminds people of The Empire Strikes Back while going in very different directions.

Johnson received his fair share of praise following the event, including this nod from director James Mangold:

But it is the critical reaction that most were dying to hear. Is this the best Star Wars ever? Is it a lackluster nostalgia trip? Judging from most of the early critical takes, the film might end up being an instant classic for the franchise.

While Johnson got some standout praise, critics also lauded the film for its action sequences, character work, and surprising moments. Most urge everybody to avoid spoilers for as long as possible, pointing to the twists that seem to make The Last Jedi a distinct experience from the other films. If The Force Awakens was a rehash for some, this seems to be the Star Wars film people have been waiting for.

Also, it would seem that Mark Hamill gives the best performance of the series as Luke Skywalker. That alone should be worth avoiding spoilers.

There was one slight spoiler released from the premiere, but only if you’re a stickler who lives under a rock. The film pays tribute to Carrie Fisher during the end credits, giving you an excuse to stay in your seat.

Overall, the best tweet to sum up the reactions to The Last Jedi might be this gif posted by comedian Mark Ellis:

Friday clearly can’t arrive fast enough.