Here’s Why Tom Hardy, Prince William, And Prince Harry Were Cut From ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

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Potential spoilers ahead. Star Wars: The Last Jedi was filled with celebrity cameos, including (among many others) a scene with Finn (John Boyega), Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), and DJ (Benicio del Toro) going undercover on Snoke’s ship and sharing an elevator with Stormtroopers played by Tom Hardy, Prince William, and Prince Harry. Hardy even shared a photo of himself in costume, with the other actors’ faces covered:

Now Telegraph reveals a little more about the scene, along with the reason Princes William and Harry didn’t make the final cut. We had already heard the scene involves Hardy, speaking in a southern accent, recognizing former co-worker Finn — who is in disguise as an Imperial officer — and congratulating him on his promotion. Telegraph reveals one of the Princes (they won’t say which) slaps Benicio del Toro’s character on the butt in this scene. (It was Harry, wasn’t it? It totally was.)

As for why the scene was cut, an anonymous source claimed two reasons: they weren’t the right height for Stormtroopers and the scene didn’t fit in the final cut. “Stormtroopers have to be exactly 5′ 11″. At the time we shot it I think the feeling was that the scene would make the final movie. The scene just didn’t work for the final cut so it was left out.”

Prince William is 6’2″, Prince Harry is 6’1″, and Tom Hardy is 5’9″ (the same height as Mark Hamill). The height difference would be noticeable. Yes, a potentially awesome Tom Hardy scene was cut from a Star Wars movie, and it may have boiled down to, “Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

(Via Telegraph)