‘Star Wars’: Top Quotes From ‘The Force Awakens Comic-Con Panel

Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac, JJ Abrams, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and other filmmakers and cast from “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” were on hand for the Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con today (July 10). While not everybody had a lot to say — ADAM DRIVER — everybody did have at least one thing to say.

For full details on the panel, check out our live-blog.

Carrie Fisher on what it was like returning to “Star Wars”
“It was a little bit like before, but we all looked more melted this time… It was like a flashback. I thought, 'They were right about the acid flashbacks.'”

Carrie Fisher, on if “Force” would be more “girly”
“I thought it was going to be more girly this time…have a shopping planet.”

Harrison Ford, on how his foot's doing after his plane accident
“I'm fine. I walked here so how bad can it be?”

Harrison Ford, on returning to the set
“It should have felt ridiculous… I will tell you, it felt great. I was proud and grateful to once again be involved.”

Harrison Ford comforting Mark Hamill about how Han Solo had kissed Luke Skywalker's sister, Princess Leia
“How many times can I say sorry?”

Harrison Ford on the “Force Awakens” script
“I read something that was really remarkable, really well written with some very intriguing developments. I was very happy.”

Harrison Ford on where he thought Han Solo would have ended up
“It never occurred to me to think about it because I never thought it would come back. I never thought we'd do another.”

Mark Hamill on if he's a “Star Wars” expert
“My son is the real expert in my family. I took a Star Wars quiz and flunked.”

John Boyega on if he's on the light or dark side in real life
“I wouldn't be involved in any of that. I'd be Han Solo trying to make some money.”

John Boyega on his favorite memory from the set
“My greatest memory is taking Harrison Ford to a Nigerian restaurant. Guy goes up to him and asks, 'Are you Harrison Ford?' Harrison says, 'I used to be.'”

JJ Abrams on what the whole entire Hall H crowd was going to do when the panel was over
“Wouldn't it be cool if we did something insane right now? Who wants to see a live Star Wars concert right now? “We are literally all going to walk to a location together and we're going to experience a concert tonight.”

JJ Abrams confirming a fact after Domhnall Gleeson let it slip
“The name of base of first order is Starkiller Base”

JJ Abrams answering a fan's question “Do you have plans to let Asians join cast?”
“Go Asians! If I were to cast upcoming movies, I'd cast as only Asians.”

JJ Abrams introducing the Comic-Con reel (instead of a trailer)
“We aren't ready to show you scenes from the movie… we wanted to bring something that was unique… We put together a piece.”

JJ Abrams on “Star Wars” nostalgia, and the past influencing the present
“Harness it but you can”t be blinded by it.”

JJ Abrams on the status of the film
“We're editing. We have a cut of the movie… we”re working hard to make the movie more of what it wants to be.”

JJ Abrams on nothing being normal
“I've sat down with John Williams to show him scenes from a #StarWars movie that I've directed… nothing is normal.”

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy on the story of “The Force Awakens”
“We wanted to tell a story that would make us feel.”

Kathleen Kennedy on fans
“'Star Wars' is 100% dependent on the fans in this room and all over the world since 1976. It was really the fans who built the momentum around the release of New Hope.”

Domhnall Gleeson on whether his character is flat-out evil
“He's British, so yeah.”

Adam Driver on if he can tell us about his character's connection to the dark side

Oscar Isaac on working with original “Star Wars” filmmakers and cast
“Harrison thought I was wearing a wig. That was cool.”

Oscar Isaac on Harrison Ford's advice to him on how to fly
“'It's fake… you're in space.'”

Daisy Ridley on her dress
“Hopefully my dress reveals my guns, because I work hard for these.”

Daisy Ridley on comparing “Star Wars” to other roles she's had
“I can”t compare this to other stuff I”ve done, because I haven”t really done other stuff!”