‘Star Wars’ trailer + ‘Star Wars’ blooper reel = ‘Star Wars: Derp Edition’

11.04.13 6 years ago

Several weeks ago, Lucasfilm released the very first trailer for the original “Star Wars” to YouTube, evoking fond childhood memories for internet fanboys all across the globe. Only a short time later, a “Star Wars” blooper reel also hit the video sharing site, giving the public a charming look at a variety of line flubs, Stormtrooper costume gaffes and general silliness on the set of the George Lucas sci-fi classic. Now, the folks over at Slacktory have edited the two videos together to create something even better: “Star Wars: Derp Edition.” I don’t know about you, but I could watch Harrison Ford eating his microphone all day.

(Slacktory via Mashable)

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