Starz orders ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ from LeBron James and Mike O’Malley

Is there any TV-related phrase more unexpected than “From LeBron James and Mike O’Malley”? Perhaps not.
However, on Wednesday (February 5), Starz gave a series order to a half-hour comedy titled “Survivor’s Remorse” and, indeed, it comes from NBA superstar LeBron James and “Welcome to the Neighborhood” star Mike O’Malley.
The project, which will air its six-episode first season in fall 2014, will also be executive produced by Tom Werner, Maverick Carter and Paul Wachter, but those names are less fun to mention.
The project focuses on basketball star Cam Calloway, who signs a big contract to play for the professional team in Atlanta (apparently not the Hawks) and heads to Georgia with his cousin and confidant.
“Ever since I got cut from the freshman hoop team at Bishop Guertin High School in 1980, I’ve wanted to write about my love and hatred of basketball,” blurbs O”Malley, who has worked as writer and consulting producer on “Shameless” and earned an Emmy nomination for “Glee.” “Starz has given us great freedom to explore an authentic world inspired by Maverick and LeBron.  Tom”s legendary TV career and his experiences as a professional sports owner combined with Paul”s wealth of business and entertainment industry relationships have given this team a truly strong foundation to build a successful series.”
It’s unclear if O’Malley will have any sort of on-camera role in the comedy. You may remember that he established his sports credentials as The Rick on ESPN back in the day.
Adds Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, “Mike has infused the world of ‘Survivor”s Remorse” with humor and heart. Along with LeBron, Maverick, Tom and Paul, we feel we really have an all-star team to capture the complexity and comedy inherent to this series.”
“Survivor’s Remorse” will film in Atlanta.