Stephen Colbert made a cameo at today Apple event as ‘chief of secrecy’

10.16.14 4 years ago


Stephen Colbert made a cameo at today Apple event as “chief of secrecy”
Watch Colbert complain, over the phone, about his new title.

Joan Rivers” official cause of death released
The coroner ruled that Rivers died due to lack of oxygen to the brain.  She was sedated with Propofol when she during the botched procedure on her throat.

“South Park” releases full Lorde parody song, apparently sung by Sia
Internet sleuths figured out that the voice sounds like Sia. She was even represented on the show. Even Lorde herself says Sia was involved. PLUS: “South Park” takes on Silicon Valley”s transportation war.

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“Mom” books Bevery D”Angelo and Colin Hanks
She”ll play Kevin Pollak”s ex-wife and he”ll play a potential love interest for Anna Faris.

Neil Patrick Harris reveals he turned down Season 1 of “American Horror Story”
Harris says he and his husband, David Burtka, were asked to play a dysfuctional couple on the 1st season of “AHS.” But they had to decline because they had just appeared together in the 3rd “Harold and Kumar” movie.

Victor Garber is headed to “Blue Bloods”
The “Alias” alum will play a prominent leader in the Jewish community who clashes with Tom Selleck”s chief character.

A Colorado family”s medical marijuana business gets a TruTV reality TV pilot
“Medicine Man” will go behind the scenes of the Medicine Man Marijuana Dispensary.

A top British gov't official filmed a bizarre video praising the “misshapen dwarf” on “Game of Thrones”
“This misshapen dwarf, reviled throughout his life, thought to be in eyes of some, a toxic figure, can at last rally a small band of loyal followers,” said Michael Gove, the government”s chief whip, said of Peter Dinklage's Tyrion.

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