Stephen Colbert Channels Richard Nixon To Write Trump Letters Addressing His Greatest Moments

Former president and Laugh-In star Richard Nixon has been dead for a little over 20 years, but his influence is still being felt today thanks to President-Elect Donald Trump. A letter from Nixon to Donald Trump has hit the press and will apparently grace the walls of the controversial candidate’s Oval Office:

It won’t have that 2016 meme junk tagged to it, but the letter itself will have a spot somewhere in The White House. And its contents offered some inspiration to Stephen Colbert, allowing him to channel Nixon in a sketch on The Late Late Show that see’s the former president writing letters to Trump throughout the years.

While you can likely picture Nixon skipping Donahue, I can clearly see him watching Wrestlemania. Why he would ever skip such a thing is likely a problem, but that’s a letter that would’ve been written if he’d been around. Wrestlemania is definitely Trump’s finest moment, minus the poor stunner he took from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Colbert kinda tosses in some of the classic Wrestlemanias there, but it’s important to focus on the one where Trump was a star. Also nice to see The Fresh Prince get a shoutout, even if it’s more about racial outreach and less about whatever hijinks Will got into that forced Donald to take action.

Should Nixon be so connected to Trump? I’m not so sure. But Trump has already had his Elvis/Nixon moment thanks to Kanye West and we know he’s got a history with secret recordings. Maybe Colbert’s Ghost Nixon isn’t too far off the mark.

(Via The Late Late Show)