What did Stephen King think of Eli Roth’s ‘The Green Inferno’?

Stephen King is someone I follow on Twitter pretty closely, and it's always interesting to hear his opinions on the latest books, movies and TV shows. His latest recommendation? Eli Roth's forthcoming cannibal film “The Green Inferno,” which I have also seen and which will more than likely make chunks rise in the throat of less-durable viewers. It is an extremely brutal and nasty film with a pitch-black sense of humor and some trenchant social commentary to balance out the intensity, but make no mistake: if you thought “Hostel” was tough to watch, “The Green Inferno” is that times two. 

Here is King's tweet about the film, which hits theaters next Friday:


Incidentally, Roth has yet another movie — the contained home-invasion thriller “Knock Knock” starring Keanu Reeves and “Green Inferno” star Lorena Izzo — coming out the following week, though King hasn't weighed in on that one (yet). It should be noted that Roth was previously attached to direct a big-screen adaptation of King's 2006 novel “Cell” before departing the project over creative differences, and that King has previously spoken of his admiration for the director, particularly his 2007 sequel “Hostel: Part II”:

“There's something going on in 'Hostel II' that isn't torture porn, there's really something going on there that's interesting on an artistic basis,” he told the LA Times. “Sure it makes you uncomfortable, but good art should make you uncomfortable.”

Watch the “Green Inferno” trailer above and below: