Steven Spielberg: ‘Lincoln’ was ‘this close’ to becoming an HBO movie

Steven Spielberg: “Lincoln” was “this close” to becoming an HBO movie

George Lucas was discussing with Spielberg how cable TV is “much more adventurous” than film nowadays at a USC event when Spielberg noted that he struggled to get “Lincoln” in theaters. “I think eventually the ‘Lincolns’ will go away and they’re going to be on television,” Lucas said. “As mine almost was,” Spielberg interjected. “This close — ask HBO — this close.”

“Family Guy” mocks “Girls” in Emmy ad

With Peter as Lena Dunham.

“Veronica Mars” movie brings on Tina Majorino

Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie will be back.

Garry Shandling calls Jimmy Fallon’s “Larry Sanders” tribute “beyond perfect”
“I jumped out of bed, and dove thru TV trying 2 hit stage mark on time. Ow!” he tweeted.

Gov. Chris Christie slow-jams the news with Jimmy Fallon
The New Jersey governor explained his decision to hold a special election weeks before the regular election. PLUS: Tebowie returns.

Danny McBride pees all over the “Real World: Portland” house

Check out his stunt for “This is the End.”

“Pretty Little Liars” returns to nearly 3 million viewers
ABC Family says the Season 4 premiere was the most-tweeted TV episode of the season.

BBC America orders sci-fi documentary “My God, It’s Full of Stars”
The docuseries will explore a different genre theme each week.

“SNL” alum Jenny Slate joins FX pilot

Meanwhile, “CSI” alum Lauren Lee Smith has joined FX’s “The Strain.”