Harrison Ford: I can’t get away from that ‘damn’ ‘Indiana Jones’ theme

It's hard to feel sorry for Harrison Ford given that he's starred in two of the biggest movie franchises of all time, but that being said, I totally get how hearing John Williams' Indiana Jones theme ad nauseum would get irritating. 

“That damn music follows me everywhere,” said Ford at the American Film Institute Life Achievement gala honoring Williams (all quotes via ET Online). “They play it every time I walk on stage, every time I walk off a stage. It was playing in the operating room when I went in for my colonoscopy.”

Pretty sure the colonoscopy bit was a gag, but it's true that the theme seems to play every time he walks on a stage. Apparently he gets it from passersby too.

“I was walking down a crowded street in New York a couple of months ago and there was a big fire truck stuck in traffic that I passed in the opposite direction,” he continued. “Some guy leaned out of the cab and gave me one of those [Ford makes a groaning noise]. By the time I got to the end of the truck that music was blaring out of the loud speakers in the truck!”

Speaking of that “damn music,” Spielberg has confirmed that Williams will return to compose Indiana Jones 5, in which Ford is reprising his role as the whip-cracking adventurer. Guess he's not mad enough about it to stop cashing those checks.