Watch the ‘Stranger Things’ actors argue about which cast member is the funniest

If you”re like me, you watched Stranger Things, adoring every scene featuring the core group of kids, wishing you could get a peek at their surely tight-knit real-life rapport off-screen.

A 16-minute Facebook live session gave us just that today, when five of the hit Netflix series” cast members gathered for “80s trivia and a chat about their favorite 1980s movies.

Aptly, The Goonies is a common favorite among this group – that”s the number 1 pick for and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Noah Schnapp (Will). Stand By Me is Caleb McLaughlin”s (Lucas) favorite. And the 12-year-old actress who plays Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, said, “I was told to relate myself to E.T., so my favorite “80s movie is probably E.T.

Natalia Dyer (Nancy), meanwhile, has an affinity for John Hughes, and it turns out she”s not the only one. Matarazzo piped up, “No judging, I love Pretty in Pink. Pretty in Pink is an awesome movie. I love that movie.”

The group also found themselves arguing about who in the cast is the funniest (that starts at about the 11:40 mark). Matarazzo and McLaughlin seem sure they take that prize, but Dyer defends Brown”s “British wit.”

Check it all out in the video below: