The Kids From ‘Stranger Things’ Get The Band Back Together With James Corden For A Motown Medley

Entertainment Writer

The kids from Stranger Things have made their presence known plenty in the past two weeks. Not only didn’t they drop in on Jimmy Fallon for a dance off last week, they joined Jimmy Kimmel to promote a new spinoff of Stranger Things to Netflix with their old pal the Demogorgon. Now they are revealing their musical past alongside James Corden, showing that they were all part of a Motown cover band before they landed their big roles on Netflix.

While this might seem like a bit of a stretch considering these are children and possibly had to be taught what Motown was at some point, it actually turns out to be one of the better segments we’ve seen from the group this past week. It’s no Perfect Stranger Things, but it is pretty well done and kicks into high gear once the show returns to the studio for the musical performance.

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