StreamFix Hangover Edition: 10 Streaming Options for January 1, 2015

You're hung over. You want good streaming options now. You don't want to move. Let us do the work for you. Check out the best of new Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu below.


“Mean Girls”

If you didn't spend enough of 2014 commemorating the 10th anniversary of this gem, make a resolution to re-watch it first thing in 2015. Still Amy Poehler's funniest role to date. Happy hour's from four to six!

“Friends” (Complete series)

Lisa Kudrow > Courteney Cox > Jennifer Aniston > Matthew Perry > Matt LeBlanc > David Schwimmer. That is the only thing I know about this life.


There is plenty to cherish about this movie, specifically that Reese Witherspoon is exactly the right kind of terrifying as Tracy Flick, but let's just remember the days of Chris Klein as an august young movie star who represented the flip-haired bravado of the class of '99. 

“101 Dalmatians” 

Forgive me, but this is seriously Glenn Close's greatest movie role of the '90s. Part of being an adult is realizing that Glenn Close has only been in one great movie (“Dangerous Liaisons”) and all the others are merely fine at best. “101 Dalmatians” is a crowd-pleaser and perfect for hangover-viewing. Cackling Glenn! It's what you want.

“The French Connection”

Remember the '70s when movie stars sometimes looked like your uncle Arnold? God bless Popeye Doyle.

“Cast Away”

Volleyball is a hilarious sport.

Amazon Prime


BAM! Greatest romcom of the '80s! Perfect performances by Cher, Nic Cage, Vince Gardenia and Oly Dukakis. “I can't invite you in because I'm married and I know who I am.” Maturity beautifully portrayed. 

“It Happened One Night”

Claudette Colbert's bared leg was the original Kim Kardashian bared ass. I invite Robert Osborne to shoot me for saying so. 

“Breakfast at Tiffany's”

I would actually say this is only Audrey Hepburn's sixth or seventh best performance, but it stands alone as a whimsical '60s comedy. 


“Nathan East: For the Record”

In case you'd actually like to watch something new and of substance this new year, check out this documentary on famed bassist Nathan East, who has worked with Eric Clapton, Kenny Loggins, Phil Collins, and Daft Punk. He released an album this year that featured guest vocals from Clapton, Sara Bareilles, and Michael McDonald. Talent is usually a good documentary subject. Go with this one.