Suge Knight left the courthouse in an ambulance again

Legal problems might not be the only current issue for rap mogul Suge Knight, who is currently facing charges of murder and burglary stemming from separate incidents. It also appears that Knight is suffering from undisclosed health issues.

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Knight left court on Thursday in an ambulance, the second time such an exit has been needed for Knight. And while we don”t know exactly why his health is an issue, let us not forget he was shot six times just this past September. If anything could cause some iffy health, it is taking six bullets and walking away from it with your life.

Knight is facing charges of murder of 55-year-old Terry Carter, whom Knight allegedly killed with his car in the parking lot of a Compton burger stand last month. Knight is being held in jail without bail for the case.

The robbery charge stems from a stolen camera from a celebrity photographer.