Summit kicks off the Diamond Heist Challenge to tease the release of ‘Now You See Me’

I’m still not entirely sure I understand the “Diamond Heist Challenge,” but then again, I find myself baffled by a lot of the real-world tech games that fans love to play, so that’s nothing new.

What I do know is this: Summit is try to come up with fun ways to get you thinking about “Now You See Me,” their upcoming thriller by Louis Leterrier about a supergroup of magicians who decide to push the filthy rich by staging a bold series of heists. It’s one of those trailers where I realized halfway through it that I’m not supposed to worry about what is or isn’t real. They’re not trying to make a movie that is about the real art of stage magic, but instead, they’re making a souped-up Robin Hood riff with a lot of visual razzle dazzle.

Here is the official description that Summit sent over to explain what the “Diamond Heist Challenge” is:

In this magical challenge, all thirteen diamond playing cards – from the Ace through the King – have been hidden in various places online, from various websites to social media platforms, even in the New York Times crossword puzzle from Friday, May 3 (your first hint!).  Like the characters in the film, players will have to look closely to uncover the mystery.  Discover the hidden diamonds and join the ranks of the world’s greatest illusionists!
Once each of the thirteen diamond playing cards are found, participants can unlock exclusive video content featuring the stars of NOW YOU SEE ME utilizing Blippar, the image-recognition phone app. Each of the thirteen images, when Blipped, will unveil a unique video.

So they’re playing games, hiding clues, and inviting you to unlock things with a new app on your phone. Anytime there’s anything like this, I’m blown away by how fast people figure things out, crack the codes, unlock the content. You guys who do play along with these things are wizards at ferreting out every single little thing that these marketing teams post online, no matter how well hidden.

In order to Blipp, as you must, first download the Blippar app from the iTunes store or Google Play, then open the app, point your phone at the secret image so it fills the screen, and then watch what happens.

If you decide to participate, you can find a full list of clues here, or watch this instruction video for more information.

“Now You See Me” opens on May 31st, and I suspect we’ll have more content from the film to share with you between now and then.