The CW’s DC Heroes Unite To Stomp Nazis On This Week’s Geeky TV

Back before crossovers and cosmic threats and moral gray areas, superheroes had one consistent enemy, in the comics: Nazis. So much so that DC has an entire universe dedicated to creepy Nazi versions of the Justice League who regularly got their butts kicked, the Master Men. And, it turns out, said Master Men are coming back to get their butts handed to them on this week’s geeky TV.

Crisis on Earth X, this year’s big four-parter on the CW, picks up with Barry and Iris’ wedding. This being a superhero wedding, of course, villains crash it, namely the aforementioned Master Men, who live on Earth-X. The Master Men are after Supergirl for their nefarious plot, which involves invading our Earth because that’s not a ticket to a beatdown or anything. Guys, seriously, Ollie alone can whip squads of ninjas barehanded. Really we’re surprised this isn’t just, say, Wild Dog and Cisco doing a hard-traveling heroes thing while the wedding wraps up. Anyway, the CW DCverse will cross over starting with Supergirl, tonight at 8pm ET on the CW, and a special episode of Arrow, on tonight right after at 9pm ET, while The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will wrap it up tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8pm ET and 9pm ET, respectively.

What Else Is Geeky This Week?

A brief note about our change in format: There are simply so many shows at this point that some are getting left behind, which seems unfair. So instead of day-by-day, we’re going to round up the geeky TV every week in a program guide every Monday, to better guide your nerdy watching. If you want a show added to the list, let me know.

Marvel’s Runaways, Hulu, Tuesday November 28th: After a solid early run of episodes that stuck fairly close to the comics, the question now becomes, can Marvel’s teen team keep it up?

Riverdale, The CW, Wednesday November 29th, 8pm: Last season, Riverdale mixed Douglas Sirk and Twin Peaks. This season, it’s added a strong dose of pulp to the mix, with Betty forced to hunt down a drug dealer, Jughead struggling to balance his ties to the Southside Serpents with his desire to, well, not be a criminal, and Archie becoming a paranoid leader of a paramilitary force. In other words, it’s amazing.

Gotham, Fox, Thursday November 30th, 8pm: This gleefully weird DC series is still glorious, not least for how the plot has become a Goth version of the ’60s TV series.

Agents Of SHIELD, ABC, Friday December 1st, 8pm: The Agents are back for a fifth season after wrapping up an uneven fourth season with a killer run of episodes at the end. That said, after being put in ABC’s Tuesday night at 10pm slot, which is normally death, it’s now being relocated to Fridays after a budget cut. We’ll see just how this plays out.

Any TV we missed? Let us know in the comments!