‘Supergirl’ Faces Her Fears In This Week’s Geeky TV

10.16.17 5 months ago

Last week on Supergirl, everybody was far more patient with Kara than she really deserved considering her behavior, CatCo got a new corporate overlord in the form of Lena Luthor, Alex and Maggie got engaged, and DC brought back ’80s supervillain Bloodsport. But all those issues will have to wait now that there’s a psychic thief in town showing everyone their worst fears.

The premiere was generally fun, but really, while being emotional about having to fire your boyfriend into space forever to save his life makes sense, Kara was a bit of a brat about it. At least she got her job back, even if Snapper has left us for the time being. And Lena owning CatCo while leaving Jim in charge is an interesting approach that the show surely will not use to comment on current events in any way, shape or form!

As for this episode, it appears setting Reign as the big bad will be a bit of a slow burn, which is good since this show has quite a bit to juggle. The main question is how Kara gets over her breakup and moves on when she keeps seeing her worst fears. We’ll find out tonight at 8pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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