‘Supergirl’ Does Damage On This Week’s Geeky TV

Over the last few episodes of Supergirl, we’ve spent more than a little time dealing with the consequences of the lead bomb Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Lena (Katie McGrath) touched off to get rid of the Daxamites. Yes, she’s felt bad about Mon-El, but this week, she and Lena have a much more pressing problem. They maybe kinda sorta probably, ah, poisoned a bunch of kids.

Well, perhaps. The involvement of Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) in the allegations is more than a little suspicious, especially considering who he really is in the comics. So there’s likely far more to this than we realize. Oh, and meanwhile, in other not-particularly-fun parts of life, Alex and Maggie’s disagreement over their future appears to be coming to a head, in what’s been a smart, well-written, if incredibly depressing, arc about how not everything works out once you’re out.

Mostly we’ll be interested in Lena. The show hasn’t seemed quite sure what to do with McGrath, who’s quite good at balancing the human and calculating sides of her character, and this is a good way to explore the way forward with her. Or, you know, just have her beat up Pasdar. We’ll find out how it comes together tonight at 8 pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?