‘Supergirl’ Regroups On This Week’s Geeky TV

Supergirl has been tough on pretty much everybody this season. Kara had to get over Mon-El thanks to a psychic villain. Maggie just saw her first real relationship crash and burn. The Danvers sisters really just need to unplug, and where better to do that than Midvale, which looks suspiciously like both the forests outside Central City and the recently exploded Lian Yu?

OK, so they’re indulging in a little location recycling, but the premise of this episode is a change of pace. Kara and Alex flash back to their teenage years, where Kara first uncovers her abilities and Maggie begins to realize she’s not like the other girls. It’s a good point to linger on, for any number of reasons, but the biggest is that we just don’t know that much about how Alex and her adopted sister formed the strong bond that defines the show. We’ve seen a few bits here and there, but this seems concerned almost entirely with it.

So that’ll answer a few questions, and give the ladies a break before Reign pretty much trashes the entire joint, since we all know that’s coming. We’ll see how this sisterhood formed tonight at 8pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?