‘Supergirl’ Returns For A Third Season On This Week’s Geeky TV

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10.09.17 3 Comments


Last season, Supergirl met her boyfriend’s parents. It didn’t go well, considering she killed her boyfriend’s mom and had to fire her boyfriend off the planet in an escape pod. And now she’s facing a crisis of confidence, like every superhero must, in her return to this week’s geeky TV.

Basically, in a bid to keep the planet of Daxam from bulldozing Earth, Supergirl poisoned the atmosphere with lead. Since Mon-El, her boyfriend, is a Daxamite, his options were “die” or “go to space.” So off to space he went, leaving Kara behind to feel really bad about it. Which kinda sucks for her, since Cat Grant is back running CatCo, her sister proposed to her girlfriend, and National City is generally in pretty good shape. Really it’s just Kara who got screwed over, but hey, that’s the life of a superhero.

All that will change quickly, of course, not least because just like the Flash has a never-ending parade of speedsters to fight, last season closed with yet another Kryptonian fired off in a rocket. This one, though, was surrounded with references to the Worldkiller, Reign, which, well, you can guess her general attitude from her job title. We’ll see what she’s up to tonight at 8pm ET. Join us, won’t you?

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