Mark Millar teases big comics project which could be DC-related

(CBR) Mark Millar is teasing a 10-issue series that has some fans guessing could be his first DC Comics work since 2003″s “Superman: Red Son.”

Posting a page of artwork this morning on his message board, the writer asked members to guess the artist, the project and which “well-known superheroes” are shown, promising, “All will be revealed next week.” “You will be SURPRISED,” he added.

Clearly enjoying the game, Millar was quick to offer four clues:

1/ These are huge superheroes.

2/ I have written TWO of these characters before.

3/ It relates to a very major series (or is that special project?) I have written in my past.

4/ The last time I worked with this artist is the gift that keeps on giving.

Just as quickly, some of his fans seized upon DC icons Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, which Millar did nothing to dismiss. That may be supported by the “JG” at the upper-left corner of the page and in the file name, which the writer confirmed stands for Justice … something. “But what else is there beside Leagues or Societies …?” he asked.

Nearly as elusive is the identity of the artist, which is somewhat limited by Millar”s fourth clue. Guesses have included Dave Johnson, J.G. Jones and Terry Dodson, but one forum member insisted it”s Wilfedo Torres, as a portion of the page apparently had cropped up on the artist”s Instagram account. However, Millar seemed to shoot that down, replying, “I”m a huge fan of that guy, but when have I worked with him before? Gotta read the clues, bro.”

Further complicating matters is Clue #3, which of course, nudges us in the direction of “Red Son.” Millar”s collaboration with Johnson not only continues to sell well in bookstores, but in recent years has spawned action figures and a motion comic, and seen some of its elements used in the video games “Injustice: Gods Among Us” and “Batman: Arkham Origins” (which would certainly place a check mark by Clue #4, “the gift that keeps on giving”).