Watch: Taylor Swift and her gal pals star in new clip for ’22’

03.13.13 6 years ago

Taylor Swift didn”t go to college, but she”s living the sorority girl life in her new video for “22.” Albeit a very G-rated one.

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There”s not a boy in sight in the clip until the very end in the Malibu-shot clip. Instead, it”s Swift and her sisters-in-crime acting more like they”re 15 rather than 22 as they bounce on trampolines, work on their pom pom routines, hang out by the pool and beach, wear way too many bracelets, and contemplate their mental state: “We”re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. It”s miserable and magical, oh yeah.”  Hey Tay- Tay, it gets better. Promise.

There”s an essential sweetness to the clip in that it”s all about girl power, even though the lyrics are more about a boy (at least we think they are as she sings “I gotta have you… “).

It may be a little while before Swift gets to hang out with her girl buds again: her worldwide tour starts tonight in Omaha.

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