Taylor Swift is ‘thrilled’ with her next album’s new songs

LOS ANGELES – In an interview backstage at the American Music Awards, Taylor Swift said that she never expects success. This, after she took home Artist of the Year, again.

“Winning artist of the year for the third time is kind of a little bit mind-numbingly unbelievable,” she said. “The fact that its fan-voted makes it that much better.”

She may soon enough have reason to celebrate if her new album, the as-yet-untitled follow-up to “Red,” stays on the fast-track to finishing.

“I’m so obsessed with where it is right now,” she explained to reporters, saying she and her producers have arrived at sounds are “different from everything that we’ve done before, an identity to a new record  — and having come upon that so early in the process is really thrilling.”

There’s no exact date in mind yet for the next release in 2014, but, “I’ve got a lot of time to write more, but it’s really looking promising so far, like how many things that I’ve got finished that I love that I know I want on the record. I’m really stoked for you to hear it.”

Swift also deal with the caw of the photo journalists from the other room at the AMAs, but she had just enough time to talk about her merry-making at awards shows, evident from her knack for dancing to performances. “Instead of stressing,” she said, she prefers to have fun with shows like these, pretending “you get to go to the best concert of all time.”

Check out the good words Swift had for Christina Aguilera’s performance with A Great Big World on “Say Something” and more in the video above.