Taylor Swift ‘not confirmed’ for Joni Mitchell biopic, says Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s current promotional train had to stop at the Joni Mitchell station some time.

That is, the pop star has been working hard to heavily promote her new album “Red,” which has provided ample opportunities in media interview to address Variety‘s report that she was starring in a Joni Mitchell biopic “Girls Like Us.”

“That’s actually not confirmed,” Swift told Time magazine in a print interview. “I wish I could say it’s confirmed! But the thing about movies that I’ve learned is – I’ve been reading scripts for five years, and you just don’t know what ones are going to get greenlit and which ones aren’t, so I can’t talk about it unless it’s the real thing.”

The movie mag said in late September, too, that the flick “may still be in development and without a greenlight” from Sony Pictures and Di Bonaventura Pictures. The adaptation is of Sheila Weller’s book of the same name, with other casts of character including Carly Simon and Carole King. If the report is right, Swift has already done some screen tests. 

But of course, the future of the film is what’s keeping the 22-year-old “Love Story” star mum. She’s obviously still busy with “Red,” which is certain to top the Billboard 200 chart next week, with promotional and holiday visits to television shows and stage events all this fall. Still, she has “Valentine’s Day” and “The Lorax” under her belt for films so far.

“I would love to sign on to do a movie if it was the right role and if it was the right script, because I would be taking time away from music to tell a big grand story, and spend all of my time and pouring all of my emotions into being someone else,” she continued to Time. “So for me to do that, it would have to be a story worth telling.”