Cartoon Donald Trump helps Stephen Colbert send off two more ‘Hungry for Power Games’ tributes

In what should be the penultimate edition of one of my favorite Stephen Colbert bits, we bid farewell to Republican presidential nominee hopefuls Ted Cruz and John Kasich, the most recent fallen in the “Hungry for Power Games.” 

Colbert's Julius Flickerman toasted eternally forgettable Kasich (District: Deli Meat), winner of only his home state in the primaries, and Cruz (District: Human?), whose accidental elbowing of his wife's face is going to follow him around for a long time. There was also a toast to Cruz's “vice-tribute,” Carly Fiorina (District: Toner), who has now been a member of the “Hungry for Power Games” Fallen twice.

Helping Colbert send his rivals off was Cartoon Donald Trump, dressing the part in a cartoon sequin blazer and cartoon pink wig.