10 moments that made Doc Ock a ‘Superior’ Spider-Man

(CBR) Has it really been a year?

One of the most polarizing and divisive comic book sagas in recent memory, when Dr. Otto Octavius took over the body of Peter Parker and became the Superior Spider-Man, many fans were sure it would last 24 issues or less. The shocking story arc, crafted by Dan Slott and a who’s who of today’s top comic artists, has caused as many internet disagreements as Obamacare and still has everyone buzzing. Yet, here we are, a year later, and while Peter Parker’s return has been announced, when it’s all said an done, Otto will have worn and weilded the webs for 30-plus issues (not counting the dozens of guest-appearances and spin-offs) while maintaining a top ten position on the sales charts for most of them.

Almost lost in all the controversy is the fact that “Superior Spider-Man” has been one heck of a book, with plot twists and compelling new characters that all make up a “Spider-Man” title than no one ever imagined. There are even factions of fans who are demanding Otto stay Spidey. However, Peter will be back, and soon, reminding readers why he is, was and will always be the greatest hero in Marvel’s pantheon. But as absence continues to make the heart grow fonder, to mark the one year anniversary of Otto’s’ triumph and his eventual ride into the sunset (or blaze of glory), it is time to look back to the moments when Dr. Octopus indeed proved his Spider-Man was the Superior one.