‘Terminator: Genisys’ to ‘Entourage’: 2015 Movies We’re Waiting To Be Impressed By

You've no doubt already read a number of preview pieces on all the highly anticipated movies this year.  HitFix has even ranked our top 40 overall and on Monday the In Contention crew will dive into the 25 prestige titles you should really keep your eye on.  All this research got us thinking, though.  What about those movies we really just aren't so sure about?  Those films that look like they might be, for lack of a better word, problematic?   

A year ago, some of the films that we would have questioned included “Hercules” (bingo), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (a surprise), “Annie” (got that one right), “Noah” (shouldn't have worried), “The Giver” (not-so giving) and “Dracula Untold” (speak no more).  This year Hollywood's slate doesn't seem to be that scary, but we definitely are siding with Sean Connery' opinion regarding a number of titles.

Keeping that in mind, check out 10 films in the embedded gallery below that we're not so sure will deliver in 2015.  We hope we're wrong, but if not at least we warned you.