Terrence Howard confuses Ryan Seacrest with an ‘Idol’ deep-cut

Were you confused what Terrence Howard was talking about when he complained to Ryan Seacrest that they got rid of “Rachael”? 

Ryan Seacrest seemed to be.

I can't be 100 percent sure, but I'm 99% sure that Terrence Howard was referring to the pre-Top 24 elimination of Rachael Hallack on last Wednesday's “American Idol” telecast. Rachael, who was initially headed for the Top 24, was forced into a sing-off with the previously eliminated Maddie Walker and the “Idol” judges backtracked and kept Maddie and ditched Rachael. Many fans thought it was a pretty dismal way for the judges to treat poor Rachel. 

Terrence Howard? Apparently displeased.

Ryan Seacrest? Not able to remember that thing that happened.

Is there a different Rachel that Terrence Howard could have been referring to? If not, I'm assuming that he was making a Rachael Hallack deep cut on the Oscar red carpet.

And if that's true? That's awesome.