Terry Crews Felt ‘Horrible’ About That ‘X-Force’ Trick In ‘Deadpool 2’

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(Warning: Substantial Deadpool 2 spoilers shall appear below.)

The millions of people who watched Deadpool 2 over the weekend now realize that a certain scene featured in the trailer never actually materialized in the film. That is, Wade Wilson and his X-Force recruits, including Terry Crews’ Bedlam, were shown engaging in a major battle, which led fans to believe that X-Force was a major part of the film. Yet all of that went to hell when Deadpool’s team met gruesome demises (except for Domino, because she’s lucky) in terrible ways, including landing in a wood chipper and being electrocuted.

Audiences actually weren’t too upset because this collective death scene was as side-splitting as it was stunning, and director David Leitch previously told UPROXX that he enjoyed “f*cking with the audience through Deadpool’s lens,” so co-writer Rhett Reese had the actors shoot the footage with the understanding that it wouldn’t be part of the film. Crews willingly participated but told Business Insider that he felt awful about playing this huge practical joke:

“I felt horrible. The fans were excited. But, to me, the purpose was to give the audience something they would never expect. And it was crazy to keep all that a secret. When we were shooting in Vancouver I had to walk around with blankets over me because there were spies. I just got a few pages, sometimes even just a few lines of the script. Our goal was not to let anyone find out what we were going to do. Because the fanboy culture wants to find out everything before it happens.”

Crews said that he was always aware that his character would be hit by a bus. He struggled to keep the X-Force members’ real fate from his wife and son, and then he was incredibly nervous showing up to the film’s world premiere as one of the only people who knew what would go down. Then, as the audience realized what was happening, Crews said he heard “this audible gasp,” but after the scene fully played out, “It was so good.”

He did admit, however, that not even he was aware that The Vanisher’s split-second appearance in the movie would end up being portrayed by Brad Pitt, which goes to show exactly how clever the Deadpool 2 were in executing all of the film’s surprises. And ultimately, the fans responded to all of these weird tricks positively, perhaps because that’s what the mouthy, prankster, titular character would have wanted.

(Via Business Insider)